Are we forming children who are capable of learning what is already known? Or should we try to develop creative and innovative minds, capable of discovery from the preschool age, on throughout life?

-Jean Piaget 

Are your kids missing that sparkle in their eye, and joy of learning?

Are you sick of the homework battles?

Do they struggle with believing in themselves? 

As parents we’ve been in that spot too. That’s exactly why we created Empowered 4 Growth – to help parents understand how to unlock and empower their children. We want to ignite kids’ dreams, help them discover their superpowers, and step into possibility. We support parents in raising confident, resilient, and self-driven kids in the fast-moving 21st Century.

Origins and Ethos

We are women first and moms second who became soul sisters when we discovered our shared passion for empowering child learners. Our names are Lisa and Melanie, parents on a mission to empower generations to come. 

Circumstance brought us together for the first time when we each separately embarked on an adventure to become yoga instructors. On Day 1 of our 17-day intensive Yoga Teacher Training, we discovered we were roommates. By Day 2, our inner souls had connected and it became clear we were not just roommates, but soulmates. Why?

We were both corporate executives with our true passions pulling us towards children. Each of us felt dissatisfied with our current roles and wanted more. 

I think we can all relate to a system of education that encouraged us to follow the “right path.” Be a good student, find the job that will make you the money, support your needs and that of your family… 

Many of us want to check all the boxes, only to discover we’ve satisfied someone else’s definition of success. It was time for us to make a change.

Melanie’s true passion focused on the tween/teen years – wanting to help empower them by raising their self-confidence and resiliency. She believed it was critical for them to explore topics such as mindfulness, sexual health, and self-empowerment. 

Lisa had visions of improving the education experience for kids. Through raising two boys who already hated school at ages 5 and 7, Lisa started to develop a passion for and a set of beliefs around strengths-based parenting and education. She dove into the research on child-driven and real-life learning experiences that help kids develop their individual strengths, and independent thinking skills.

As we pooled our ideas together, we came to realize that these were really two sides of the same coin – one unable to exist without the other. Each aspect matters when empowering kids with the strength, confidence and resilience to thrive in the 21st century. Thus, Empowered 4 Growth was born.


The Empowered 4 Growth platform focuses on spreading this powerful message:

There is a better way, in-fact an easier way to parent and educate our children. All kids have dreams, passions, and most importantly, their own personal desires. As parents our role is to encourage our children and allow them to grow their dreams into possibilities; dreams that naturally exist within them.


Today’s society, particularly traditional school systems, does not make this easy. There is extraordinary pressure to be normal and to fit in; each unique child is forced to fit a mold. Here’s how we support you in combating that.

We’ll offer you tools, resources, and 1-on-1 consultations with coaching strategies to support your family.

Through our content and workshops, Empowered 4 Growth is disrupting the norm and creating space for each child’s individuality.

Together, let’s help our kids be their exceptional, unique, and superhero selves!


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The Leaders Behind Empowered 4 Growth

Lisa Ellen Bean

Lisa is a certified coach through the International Coach Federation, a trainer and a writer. She is also a mom of two boys, ages 8 and 9. Like all children, her boys have unique challenges and superpowers which include, but are never limited to, experiences with academic strife, dyslexia, and ADHD. Lisa’s early career was spent in the corporate environment and executive suite where she gained understanding and expertise in leadership, adult learning and business coaching. Through this she saw the tremendous value that a learner-driven, experiential approach can provide. Lisa has come to believe that this approach to learning should not be reserved for those over the age of 18.

Since switching her focus to empowering parents, children and learning, Lisa coaches parents through Empowered 4 Growth’s strengths based approach. Kids, like adults, have unique strengths and superpowers which, when tapped into, form the basis for igniting motivation, drive, and joy of  life. Lisa also develops experiential learning programs for kids, including her role as Chair of the Toronto Children’s Business Fair. In addition, she is actively working to establish an Acton Academy school in her East Toronto neighbourhood that promotes the empowerment of children for the twenty-first century. 

Although a big nut to crack, Lisa’s big dream is to change the definition of traditional education, having school systems across North America adopt a learner-driven, strengths based approach. She sees the path to that dream as one child, one family at a time.

Melanie Burston

Melanie BurstonMelanie has long been involved in think tanks and non-profits, and worked directly in the field of education as an experience producer with Shopify’s Research and Development team. She’s also a mother to four grown children and a grandmother to two pre-school boys. When it comes to kids, there is nothing that Melanie hasn’t been through personally. This includes but isn’t limited to: behavioral issues, mild learning differences, Individual Education Plans (IEPs), anxiety, addiction, sexual safety and the many challenges of transitioning to adulthood. Through these learning experiences, Melanie’s career took on an even greater education focus. She studied with Planned Parenthood to support the public school system to help educate middle schoolers on sexual health.

At Empowered 4 Growth, Melanie develops and leads programs for kids and parents, alike. Her focus is on empowering children and creating mindfulness practices. It all comes down to giving them confidence building blocks that help them stand in their power. As a Certified Yoga Instructor she is able to seamlessly integrate yoga and meditation techniques into her work. 

Melanie also contributes to the Empowered 4 Growth blog as a personal essayist around education and children’s empowerment. In fact, her big dream is to one day write a book on supporting young girls and women. She wants to empower them to step inside their minds and bodies, listen to their inner voices, and have the confidence to speak authentically in any life experience.

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