Embolden Teens

confidence · healthy mind · body and soul

Embolden teens are empowered with the courage to discover, nurture and follow their passions.

This 8-week program will build on your teens innate strengths, provide support and encouragement using

powerful tools to help them organically grow into themselves.

The Embolden Teens program will help your teen step into their own personal power and support them on their journey to discover their unique superpowers. We help them identify their core purpose, navigate their wonder/worries and challenge them to open their minds to new possibilities.

We work on building confidence, resiliency, navigate relationships using empathy and kindness. Most important in this process is learning to love themselves, to empower their own heart.

Listen to their inner knowing and explore what it means to have purpose. We guide them to lean into their innate strengths and help them notice the negative dialogue with their inner voice.

When we can listen to our own heart, understand the dialogue between comfort and fear, we gain control of our own mind and can hear our inner mentor with clarity.

In turn, teens make better choices, they learn to trust themselves wholeheartedly.

The Challenging Teen Years . . .


They don’t call the teen years some of the most challenging years, for no good reason.

Managing the teen years are some of the most challenging years that parents, and teens will face together. Managing life’s difficulties can be hard at any age, but as a teenager there’s a lot of pressure and change happening to them all at once.

The teen years are transformative, their hormones are all over the place, their minds and bodies are maturing at a rapid rate. It can leave them emotional, awkward, self-conscious and very focussed on what “everyone else sees or thinks of them.”

Peer pressure is a real thing, balancing busy schedules, managing their social lives, school, work, volunteer work and family expectations. This phase in their life has so many expectations and decisions to figure out, let alone grow into an independent, self-reliant human — it’s A LOT!!!

There is a never ending onslaught of change as our teens transition to adulthood.

The Embolden Teens program will help your teen girls manage ALL THE THINGS — this is the solution that will give them a support network, tools to lean in to, and help them make better personal choices in their everyday lives.

5 Outcomes

The Embolden Teens program will work for your family if your teen could benefit from any of the following outcomes:

1. Confidence

2. Healthy rituals

3. Stronger relationships

4. Clearer focus

5. Support network

Connect with us by booking a complimentary 30-minute consultation to find out more about whether this program will fit with your teen and suit your families needs.


Participants gain necessary life skills that leave them empowered. Your teens leave our program feeling emboldened, confident with tools to carry them forward. They step into possibilities – despite fear or circumstance – whenever they need it.

They’ll use these tools for the rest of their life.

At Empowered 4 Growth we love watching your teens thrive and soar through any problem. We show them that they too can be strong leaders through our system of mentorship with the opportunity to become an Empowered 4 Growth team Mentor.

Program Details

The Embolden Teens Program is a series of facilitated small group discussions. Teens engage and learn from their peers, facilitator and an assigned mentor to each group.

How and When

The group will meet weekly for a 1-hour call hosted on the zoom platform. These weekly meetings will be a means to support your teen throughout the duration of the program. Each week will consist of video, audio, group exercises and activities such as meditation, yoga or mindfulness.

Expert Facilitation

The group facilitator will introduce a topic, host lively discussions, facilitate check-ins, engage group exercises and a weekly activity over the duration of approximately 1-hour each week. Each group will also have a peer mentor working with them. This is someone who is about 3 to 5 years older than the age of the group, and can offer support and leadership throughout. 

Pre and Post Program Support

Before the formal program begins your teen will have a 1-on-1 discussion with the facilitator to allow them to get to know each other, and speak about any unique goals or challenges.

A few weeks after the formal program is completed a group discussion will be held to catch up on progress and hold each other accountable to the action plan that was developed within the program.

The group will have the opportunity to decide if they would like to stay in touch with each other, offering continued connection and peer support. The facilitator will help the group decide what platform and format will work best for them.


Cost of the program is $495, and can be paid up front, or in 2 installments with 50% due at time of registration. 

Embolden Teens at a Glance

WEEK 1: Welcome and Introduction

Our welcome and introduction is our first opportunity to engage with our new group of teens. We’ll spend some time on introductions and what brought your teen to our program. Together we will set some “rules of engagement” for the group to live by during our time together. An introduction to the program and an explanation of how to use their Poz and writing journals. The facilitator will explain how the weekly sessions will be run and what to expect, keeping everyone in the loop and on board to have a successful experience.

WEEK 2: Ikigai

Ikigai is the Japanese word meaning: “a reason for being”. Through a process of brainstorming the four components of Ikigai, your teen will discover what they love, what they see the world needs, what they could do to make money, and what their innate superpowers are — what makes us happy.

WEEK 3: Toolbox

By creating a toolbox your teen will have a “go to” support system. Through the process of building a safe place for special trinkets, notes, letters, a contact list, or anything that will help teens feel supported. We start to introduce positive mantras/personal rituals to help them develop the necessary skills to develop a positive mindset. Tools that help support: self-doubt, anxiety, depression and most importantly a community to draw from during a difficult circumstance.

WEEK 4: Empowered Heart

In our “Empowered Heart” module we’ll work at loving who we are through exercises that tell us what our self-worth is. Start to understand how our legacy beliefs can contribute to our personal core beliefs that affect the way we think about ourselves.

WEEK 5: Aspirations

We all have aspirations, people that we aspire to be like, friends that we look to for advice. In this module we talk about what and who inspires you, what is a mission statement and why we should all have one. Goals and aspirations change over time. Putting your mission statement and goals together gives your teen something that they can be excited to work towards. Guiding your teens and getting them thinking about possibilities is what we do at Empowered 4 Growth. We are your teens cheerleaders.

WEEK 6: Soul Circle – 1

Community is important and at Empowered 4 Growth we have come up with a way to identify your teens “Soul Circle.” In module 5 our workbook guides your teen through steps that build their personal soul circle. A support network, they can reach out to in times when they need: a confidant, soul person, cheerleader, learning mentor or someone that can advocate for them.

WEEK 7: Soul Circle – 2

Once we have identified our soul circle, we build on how to nurture those relationships keeping them strong and healthy. Through a process of preparing their hearts, teens will discover the importance of thoughtfulness, empathy, fierce conversations, apology and a commitment to mutual respect.

WEEK 8: Review and Wrap Up

We’ll take some time to review what we have discovered and learned about ourselves, chat about our goals moving forward. If we had any “aha” moments and if the group wants to stay in touch, how we could make that happen.

Current Program Offering

The Embolden Teen program is offered in three distinct formats. Choose the one that is right for your family, and your teen.

Weekly Meetups

A new group of teens will start at the designated start date and meet once a week for 8 consecutive sessions via Zoom.

Next Start Date:

July 14 @ 7pm


Summer Experience

Intensive summer experience with daily group interaction for one continuous week (Monday-Friday).

Next Start Date:

July 12-16 @ 11:00am


 1-on-1 Coaching

For the teen that is not yet comfortable in a group setting. We offer the program 1-on-1 with 8 weekly half hour sessions.

Start Date:

To be determined with you


None of these options work for you?

Join our waitlist, we’d love to hear your feedback on what’s best for your teen and how we can help support their needs. Let’s discuss future options.

Still not sure? Have more questions?

Book a 30-minute meeting with us to hear more about our programs, and find the best fit for you and your family. Click here to book.

What Teens and Mentors are Saying

Empowered 4 Growth was a very fun and unique experience. Melanie is very dedicated to helping young teens and the environment she creates ensures that all participants feel safe and supported. I highly recommend this program for young girls who could use guidance in finding their purpose in life, or just to meet new friends.

Lily O.

Mentor, Age 20

I benefited from this program I find by learning about having rituals and how to do them properly, and by using them to benefit myself. I’ve started to do them every day and I have felt changes in many aspects including better mindset and being happier overall.

Kate H.

Teen Participant, Age 14

I really liked this program it helped me focus on me and helped me figure out how to help myself.

Bella M.

Teen Participant, Age 13