Kidpreneur Business is a Real Thing

Written by Melanie Burston

Melanie is co-founder of EMPOWERed 4 GROWth, a certified Planned Parent sexual health educator and mom of four adulting humans. On the blog, Melanie shares life stories from her 36 years of experience raising children. Raising independent, self-motivated, confident children and helping move them towards their life’s purpose is what drives her work. You can reach Melanie by email:

August 23, 2020

Role Models

I grew up in a house that was very career focused – a kidpreneur business would’ve fit in very well in my family, if the concept had existed at the time. (I’ll explain it for you below!) My parents were hard working role models. From the time I can remember, my mom was always striving for that next promotion, taking extra courses at night and always working. Dad worked six days a week and often took us with him on Saturdays and put us to work. Trust me – check out my blog post Money and Kids: Creating and Teaching Values. In this post I talk about how as a child I was introduced to earning my own money and how this experiential learning about money made me curious and motivated to make more of the green stuff. 😃

Wanting to Make My Own Money

Kids naturally pay attention to everything that their parents do, so it’s important as a parent to role model the values and life lessons that you want to pass on to your kids. I was definitely one of those kids that paid attention to everything my parents did.Kidpreneur Business Is a Real Think: Child putting coins into 3 different jars each labelled savings, toys, and education

When you get a taste of making your own money, it feels really good. It means that you worked for it, you get to decide how to spend it, save it, or even donate it.

Even as a kid, I really liked having my own money to spend. At some point I remember that the quarters my dad would pay me didn’t seem to add up to enough. I was getting older and my wants, needs and desires had broadened.

The Age When I Started to Dream About Money

I started to dream about making lots of my own money when I was 12 years old but a “kidpreneur business” was not as popular and I wasn’t encouraged to find my superpower or “follow my dream”. People in my neighbourhood began asking me if I would babysit for them. As a result, I quickly became sought after as the “neighbourhood babysitter.”

This led to a bank account and I was able to see my hard-earned cash building. It also got me thinking about how much money I would need to move out and live on my own. I know it seems like I was young to be thinking about that, but it’s the truth. I started to think about becoming independent and how would I do it.

At the time I was a middle schooler and school did not keep my interest; it was repetitive and boring. I didn’t want to sit in a classroom all day listening to a teacher. It reminds me now of Charlie Brown and the Teacher: “Wah wah wah wah wah…”. Let’s just say, rather than “distracted,” I was very motivated to make my own money — but how? I wish that there was a movement towards being a kid entrepreneur when I was young.

The Kidpreneur Business

Where did the term “kidpreneur” come from? After researching, I came up with a BIG zero on this answer but I did find a ton of information on how to start a kidpreneur business and many resources to gather this information.

There is no age limit to becoming a kid entrepreneur. Upon doing some research, I found several of them. The one that caught my attention was a little girl whose name is Mikaila Ulmer at just four-and-a-half years old she became a kidpreneur business owner.

The story of her kidpreneurship started with the “big sting!” Not just one but two in the same week. This series of events caused her to have a fear of bees. Not wanting this, her parents helped her get to work researching the importance of bees and our ecosystem.

Knowing this, her great-granny Helen thought it would be a good idea to send Mikaila her 1940s cookbook with her favourite flaxseed lemonade recipe to help Mikaila get over her fear of bees. After researching all about bees, Mikaila decided to substitute honey for the sugar to her great-granny Helen’s recipe.

With the help of Mikaila’s parents, she entered her lemonade into a couple of children’s business competitions — the Acton Children’s Business Fair and Austin Lemonade Day. 10 years later she is a successful, full-fledged entrepreneur having an impact around the world as a keynote speaker, educating about bees. Mikaila continues to find ways to help the Healthy Hive Foundation, a nonprofit to further help the mission of saving the pollinators.

Create Something that People Need

Mikaila attributes her success to the element of making sure that you find a business that will help people and also has a social impact. In the case of the bees, some research uncovered that bees are very important for our ecosystem. By adding honey to the recipe, she discovered that it helped the bees.

Kidpreneur Business is a Real Think: Book cover for Bee Fearless - Dream Like a Kid by Mikaela UlmerOne of the most important things that I discovered about being an entrepreneur is that having a social impact is very important. Do something to help solve problems in the world. Don’t go into business to make a lot of money. Create a business that you see the world is missing, solve a problem with it and do something you have a passion for. The more passionate you are about what your kidpreneur business would look like, the more fun you have while doing it!

Oh, and write a book too!!! Mikaila’s first book, Bee Fearless, Dream Like a Kid, August 20, 2020.

How Long Does a Kidpreneur Dream Take to Become Reality

A dream can take as long as it needs but my advice would be not to wait for the perfect timing. A dream needs to be developed to come to fruition, it takes many years sometimes to get clear on the “exact” thing. Just get started, let it evolve and keep dreaming BIG. No dream is too big or too small for a kidpreneur business idea. If there is a need and you figure out how to service that need – you’ve already reached success, and you’re well on your way to entrepreneurship!

If I were a kid today, I’d capitalize on all the kidpreneur business ideas and information out there to start my own business. I would seriously use that hard work ethic instilled in me from my parents and I’d get busy getting “down to business”!

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  1. John Scott

    Great article. I think there are so many benefits to being a kidpreneur. Confidence. Sense of expressing a dream or idea. Self-efficacy. Also nice link to a related article on financial literacy that is such an important and under-educated area for kids and teens. Very valuable.

    • Melanie Burston

      Hi John,
      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I couldn’t agree more, our kids and teens need to understand finances. Many thanks again for your support.



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